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Study Case: Gasoline market in Mexico
How can a Importer improve its profitability by blending ?
February 2022

Makets conditions

The mexican goverment declared that by the end of 2024 all fuels will be produced locally and in its newelly acquired Texas refinery in Deer Park Texas.


No new permits have been issued for fuels imports and current ones are in jeopardy


A complicated market is expected for new importers which favour the state oil company as well as current importers and permit holders.  

  • Is it certain that these plan will be fulfilled?

  • What could happen if these plans are not fulfilled and more imports are needed?

  • How can a current permit holder improve its profitability and be prepared for a larger market?

Blending, a part of the value chain of fuels imports

Our study shows that the deployment of a blending strategy has the potential to replicate the retail margin for a current fuels importer for the mexican market   

$1.5 - $3.0 


Retail margin *

$3.0- $4.0 


Blending margin**


Improvement potential

Are you ready to explore options to improve your margin?

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